Chinese Investors

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Connect to the China Market

From million-dollar trophy homes to more modest condominiums, Chinese investors are the fastest-growing segment of global project investors.

According To The Data At The End of May 2016, There Are 1.34 Million of High Net Worth Investors (HNWI) With More Than 10 Million RMB And 890,000 Of HNWI With More Than 100 Million RMB In Mainland China.

How can you leverage China’s Great Firewall?

Strangely enough, the Great Firewall could be advantageous for you, too. If your competitors are blocked, you have a competitive edge if your project listings are on ABF Business. We are the only international project portal hosted on both sides of China’s Great Firewall, to ensure instant reliable access and a quality user experience for your potential Chinese investors.

This is a crucial point, as China’s Great Firewall is constantly adapting and updated to identify and prevent international websites that try to circumvent it.

Our team is constantly monitoring to ensure maximum access and reach for clients on ABF Business.

ABF Business is hosted on BOTH sides of China’s Great Firewall, reaching Chinese wherever they are located or travelling to in the world.


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To sell to foreign investors, a crucial first step is to get your properties visibly marketed online.

If you’re looking to reach investors from China, you need to remember that these aren’t the same investor profiles as a investor from down the street, one neighbourhood over, or even a 45-minute drive away anymore. You’re talking about someone located on the other side of the world. It’s obvious – the most efficient and cost effective way to reach foreign investors is through the internet.

Furthermore, 55% of China’s HNWIs say the internet is their preferred source of investment information1 – and 91% access the internet every day.2 You do the math.

Simply put, you must market your brand and listings online to reach China’s massive and fast-growing market.

However, if your site is blocked, Chinese investors can’t see or find you. Even if your site isn’t completely “blocked”, the Great Firewall can cause your site to load so slowly – up to 90 seconds in our tests – that it may as well be blocked because users often give up and click away. Would you wait even 2 minutes (not to mention 5 minutes) for a webpage to load?

That means, if you’re not hosted behind the Firewall, you run the risk of lost page views, lost leads, and lost sales.

How Chinese search for investment projects

For international investing, Chinese investors conduct as much research as possible about the investment. Most confer with family both offline and online via Chinese social media, and naturally, information not in Chinese is difficult to consider. Some Chinese investors will establish early contact about an investment, whilst others will take the time to research your company before making contact.

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consider the Internet as the preferred source of investment information


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access the Internet each day