Selling Business

Selling Business

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The day you sell your business can be the most rewarding of your business career. It may provide you with the opportunity to do something refreshingly different, or simply offer you a well deserved break from the pressures of business.

One question you don’t want anyone or anything to nag you after selling a business… Did I get the best deal possible?

  • You have worked hard all your life to build up a successful business
  • You are starting to think about what to do with the next stage of your life
  • Your kids have gone off to create careers of their own, and don’t want to, or aren’t ready to take over your business
  • You dream of one day getting around to buying that luxury yacht, or,
  • Worse still, you already own it, and dream of one day having the time to use it.

People sell businesses for many different reasons:

  • Divestment of a non-core business activity
  • Family succession planning
  • Business outgrows the capabilities of the owner
  • Injection of capital required to advance the business
  • Retirement
  • Health or Personal reasons
  • The reasons for selling a business are as varied as business owners.

Whatever the reason may be, ABF Business can provide you with the services you require when you are selling a business.

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