Business Wanted

Business Wanted

by admin

As a boutique business broker, ABF Business is always looking for a business who has:

  • EBITDA minimum of $1million
  • Strong Management Team
  • Strong Barrier to Entry
  • Protected IP from competitors
  • Leading Products or Services
  • Established History
  • Diversified Customers Base
  • Clearly defined Business Plan and Exit Strategy


Listing Requirements

Should you wish to proceed with the sale of your business, we need the following

  • A Business Profile outlining a basic framework and financials of your business. I have attached a business profile for your completion, best estimates are sufficient.
  • A time to meet with you in person and do a walk- through of your business to gain an intimate understanding of the opportunity and upside potential.
  • In most cases ABF Business can absorb the marketing expense through its own proprietary media and digital platform; however there are additional marketing expenses that need to be incurred beyond the scope of our media platform.
  • You should allow a budget of around 0.5% of each $1,000,000 asking price for your business especially if you are seeking to reach out to a Chinese Investor abroad, that will include formal presentations and other external marketing costs.